Friday, November 27, 2009

Michael Adam Smith

This summer we had a new addtion to our family!
This is Michael Adam Smith
Keith and Amy are so happy to have this new little
guy around. He is such a sweetie! And guess what!
He actually has dark hair! His brothers and sister
are all fair haired cuties! Anyway, we love him soooo

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Denver Aquarium

Also while I was in Colorado we went to the
Denver Aquarium. It was so fun!! Lots of
interesting creatures to look at! I got some
fun pictures but the only way I could get
a picture of Sophie's face was through the
glass, the little stinker! They have a
couple tunnels you can walk througha and the
fish swim right over you! And the shark tank is
so awesome! Some really cool looking sharks!
I hate to say it, but that aquarium just kicked
Utah's cute little aquariums butt! Going to our
small one just wont be the same now!
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Sophie's Tutu

While I was in Colorado last week I sent Heather
and Phillip on a date. Sophie and I stayed home
and made her a tutu! She decided that I should
do all the work and she would just choose what
color to do next, but we had a great time doing it!
As soon as it was done she just had to get in her
ballet clothes so she could dance around! I snapped
a couple pictures of her while she did her silly
dance! What a cutie! I love that little girl!
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Hill AFB Museum

A few months ago my friend Vairin
and I decided to take a day trip up to
the Hill AFB Museum. He is very into
Airplanes and had never been, and I
hadn't been since I was a kid. It was
really fun to see all the aircraft!! I
have always been interested in them.
We had a great time!
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Float Voting

A few days before the Days of '47 parade they put all the floats on display for everyone to
come view and vote on. This year I took the girls and we met their cousins there. They all
had a blast looking at the floats and had a very hard time choosing their favorite, you could
only vote for one per person! The girls got cute butterflies painted on their faces while we waited for the cousins. Here are a few pictures that the girls took on my camera of some of
their favorites!
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Fourth of July

This year for the 4th of July I went with Leanne to her dad's place in Wyoming. It was INCREDIBLE!! I have never seen such an amazing display of fireworks in my life! We were completely surrounded by them! Every direction you looked there were more! Here are a few pictures I snapped that I think look pretty cool!
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elsa and Vairin

My friend Vairin brought over his little girl Elsa
today and we decided to take a few pictures. She
is just to adorable! I can't believe she is going to
be 3 in a couple months!
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